Day 8 小樽

So today, we did a road trip to Otaru, a touristy little port town located north west of Sapporo. 

   Otaru means river running through sandy beach and has Ainu origins. Doesn’t matter, I’m actually just there for their famous 7 layered ice cream. I’ts damn yummy and every layer taste damn good, with matcha and milk leading.


 If you think this ice cream is fattening, these kids have one cone each ok.  
But I guess you can share. But it is just not as shiok as having one each.


So the begins the sample buffet down the street. #budgetgoals right there because we can’t possibly buy everything to try so it’s just too bad for the cutesy snacks without samples. But I’m very satisfied.    


Apparently, LeTAo is quite iconic of Otaro and its intended to be the anagram of Otaro. And it’s like the Shiroi Kobito of Otaro.  


 Super happy with their cheesecake samples. Hokkaido cheesecake is just damn good. Think, snaffles.    

This place has a lot of samples, ranging from rice crackers to layered cake (Baumkuchen). They are famous for their ice cream and Baumkuchen. This name is German and it literally translates to Tree Cake, because of its resemblance to tree trunks. This cake usually has about 15-20 layers and it is quite popular in Japan. 


 And so they have this special machine that cooks the cake layer by layer.



And then it was time for the music box museum. I felt slightly bad for my buddy-of-the-day because it’s a damn girly thing, I guess. Here is a picture of me and the steam clock, and like all other iconic steam clocks… It’s just a clock.




Guess Japanese really Likes Let it Go.    

Just amusing to see sushi spin.   

Urushi 漆絵, which literally means lacquer picture, used to dominate the music box scene in Japan. It can mean either painting with actual lacquer or woodblock painting (which might resemble the thickness of black lawyers). Don’t quite understand the latter style but anyway these are quite exquisite and expensive.


I bought this music box in the end, by EXILE. I guess it’s just very exciting listening to the different tunes and the examining the pretty boxes that I just wanted to get one music box from here. My friend recommended it. 

Then we decided we need to get out of the place or we would buy everything and we were also starting to get hungry because we only had that seven layered ice cream for lunch. 

 So this is called a 人力車 (jinrikisha), loosely translated as man-power car, basically a rickshaw. This was the main mode of transport in the 1870s, and only the military uses horse-power.  


So there was this 8 layered ice cream was just down the street…   
Ok funny story about this dude right here, he was running off after getting the 8 layered ice cream. And before I could even address the thought of “why is he running”, at least 4/8 of the layers dropped and he ran back to get another one, aiyo.


Today was a rainy day btw. Guess it’s important to check the weather forecast when you want to travel one hour to eat ice cream.  But life goes on, everybody is still eating ice cream in the rain.  

Here’s our ride.


So he recommended eating Chinese food as it is pretty good in Otaru,


Presenting the very delicious, あんかけ焼きそば (ankake yakisoba) which means fried noodles covered with thick sauce. It is damn good. It’s the Japanese interpretation of Chinese food. I mean, who eats hor fun with horseraddish and ginger right? Anyway, I love it. It is damn good for yakisoba.

 We stopped at a 100 yen shop on the way back and this shop is amazing. I got pretty carried away. This is like our Daiso, except that it is bout one dollar per item, instead of two.  

Damn, I wanted to make my stamp but… It doesn’t have my name.


And because dinner was at a weird timing, I had supper.  I just decided that this will be a good idea and I chucked it into the toaster.
Goodnight xx

P.S. Hi hi leave me a comment please 🙋🏻 I like!

12 thoughts on “Day 8 小樽

      1. hello kitty cafe!!! and the same music shop u went to, canal and also it was summer so they had half a yubari melon with soft serve in the centre1!!


      2. Hahaha omg there is s hello kitty cafe? Loll I didn’t see it! I still have the hello kitty charm you got me! 😀 Oh ya Hokkaido good for yubari lemon hor! Where else did you go!


  1. Omg i suddenly rmb the time you made me sample snaffles when I was damn full because…. Why would you not?!!! Hahaha anw that music box museum SO PRETTY walao i will buy the whole museum home. Stay safe pipi 🙆


    1. HAAHAH like, why would you not try snaffles? Yea snaffles are so good. Let’s bake when i get back okay! Idk if i will learn any secret from hokkaido in baking these thins but i hope it rubbed on somehow. MUSIC BOXES SO PRETTY RIGHT!!!! Friends indeed xx


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