Day 7 札幌

This marks the end of week 1 in Japan and I’m glad to say that all has been good and I’m really glad with my decision to come to Japan. I guess 一期一会 (ichigoichi) is quite applicable here. I learnt this phrase from my new friend today.

So today also marks the first of the golden week. But for many Japanese, their holiday started on Wednesday which is also a public holiday, Showa no Hi. So many will take Thursday and Friday off as well to make their holiday longer. So next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are public holidays. And so ta da, golden week. 

Though the blooms are mostly gone, I still found random flowering trees around the neighborhood. It’s nice cycling around so I get to experience the neighborhood better. Though it’s actually quite tiring to get from one end of Japan to the other. Bad planning on my part I guess.

First up. Beer museum. I’m actually damn excited because Sapporo is my favorite beer, followed by Erdinger! Ok I really like both and the rest is just meh. So after cycling for about half an hour, I got to the place.


Happily parked my bike.  

All ready to be touristy and camwhory

 So presenting to you the three big names in Japan. Sapporo, Yebishu and Asahi – never really heard of the second one.


 My attempt to being touristy. This wort boiling pot is made of copper and made in 1965.   

Ok fun facts, the Sapporo is nicknamed as Black Label. The star logo was the emblem of the some development commission KAITAKUSHI, which launched the KAITAKUSHI brewery for economical reasons.


 Very excitedly order their famous black label and salt and black pepper ice cream! Quite yummy!! It has a slushy gelato texture and the flavour is strong. You have only one go at trying their ice cream before ordering. So, choose wisely.

Then i decided to get the beer tasting set which consist of three kinds of beer: 

Sapporo Black Label – (my favorite of the three) it has a fruity taste or selected hop and barley and attracts the best balance of refreshing taste and drinkability. Sapporo’s masterpiece indeed.

Sapporo Classic – exclusive to Hokkaido. Made from 100% malt and 100% fine aroma hope.nuses hi hours mashing (German traditional brewing method)

Kautakushi Beer – made from the first Sapporo beer recipe (Resei Sapporo beer). It’s unfiltered so it’s not as clear as the other two and it is fresher because it has rich and mild taste of alive yeast.


And I made another new friend who stays near the museum so I guess this is like his kopitiam. 


Okay so then I decided to cycle to Shiroi Kobito Park (10km away) which was at the other side of Sapporo. It took me two hours to get there because I keep camwhory get with random flowers along the way. It is not weird at all to take pictures with random flowering trees because everybody does it. It’s a common sight to see people taking pictures of the cherry blossoms.   



Okay then I finally got here but it was about to close. I knew that, but I just wanted to continue cycling and the other attractions don’t attract me that much but maybe I should have just went to Suzukino すずきの onto do….some…shopping. Ok maybe not.





Nothing up much to say because I really just camwhored since I have only 20 minutes there and I decided I would go back again so I just took pictures.

(Photo from here)

I went for dinner with my new friend and we had soup curry at this place called Hokkaido Seafood Meishi (aka Berry Garden) and it’s very pretty with the random cherry blossoms decorations. I didn’t take much pictures of the place. 

This is soup curry! We get to choose the mains inside, the type of soup, the level of spiciness and the volume of rice. I went for hotate, black soup, middle spiciness and 200g of rice. I guess 100g was really enough but they said it will be very little so I went for another 100g.

Hahaha my taught me quite a few phrases. Like, “アホかあっ” which supposedly a cruder version of バカ Baka..  アホ a-ho writes 阿呆 in kanji, and means the same as バカ baka or 馬鹿 ho-ka (fool).  馬鹿 is more often used in the Kanto area, 阿呆 in Kansai.  Which is okay if you use it in Osaka but it has a stronger meaning out of Tokyo. 

And 一期一会 ichigoichi which really sounds like one strawberry, loosely translates as one moment one chance. Basically means Carpe Diem. Shall use this as my tagline. 

They had lassi!!!! I ordered their 木苺 kiichigo lassi. Damn good.  I didn’t realize the kanji 木苺(strawberry

It’s) look so similar to 梅(plums).


We then checked out Odori Park which was the centre of the address system and I’m so happy I finally understand the system a bit better because it was very confusing and I relied on GPS a lot. So yay tonight I finally cycled with lesser help from the GPS. I probably cycled about 25km around town today. 


I’m so tired. Goodnight xx

4 thoughts on “Day 7 札幌

  1. I happy to see your photo and you start to enjoy yourself in Japan. I will keep reading your message where ever you post. I enjoy reading also. Do takecare yourself when you making new friends. Always have to be careful. Ok. ❤️Dad miss you.


  2. Wah cycling and beer!! Did you rent the bike?! and you gonna cycle from one end to japan to another?! Tell me more!!


    1. Hahaha I’m gonna take a bus! Cycling is just the replacement for subway! Just like you and your foldable bike. Yea, drunk cycling not so good an idea 😂


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