Day 6 札幌

 Hiiiii so today is pretty much the same except I woke up half an hour later. Look at the egg. I’ve been consistently making hard boiled eggs that I’m pretty surprised with the ajitsuke looking egg (ramen egg), which is commonplace for me for breakfast bcos I lack patience. But once you put it into context – Japan 


So today, we had a little science lesson with the kids on magnetism. And I remember it was pretty cool to me when I was a kid. I love magnets,  I then concluded that if its metal looking and heavy, it is magnetic. But somehow this can’t be explained very well….

So we got them random stuff to play with, to figure what’s magnetic and what’s not.

This little boy is so cute. He is two years old and he Just gets distracted very easily. Pretty smart boy nevertheless. 


And it was board games time. I had to scan through the manual and quickly figure out the game so I can teach them. Brother must be so proud. Ha. I like it. I actually applied some meta and lost to a-possibly-10-year old kid later on. Ok maybe he won’t be proud anymore. Ok moving on. 


And then it was snack time with the girls and they offered me their cutesy pink snacks and introduced me to kyary pamyu pamyu. Hahaha I shall start listening to Japanese songs so I can sing them at karaoke. (Just came back from karaoke btw 


Okonomiyaki for lunch, I had two. This seems fairly easy to make. So it’s cabbage with multi purpose flour and water and some optional tempura floor. Fry it with a kind of meat (crab sticks, salmon,  bacon, anything) and then spam the okonomi sauce with mayo. Done!

Okay then I learnt how to fold a shin ken on the spot so I can teach.  

Okay, so after that I had a break and Yumiko said I could take a nap. But I was like, OKAY SAKURA TIME. So, I got the bicycle and cycled to maruyama park, which is actually pretty close by. And these are the sakuras I saw along the way which got me pretty excited.


 Cute Mother’s Day idea on the way. 
To find that it was all gone. They weren’t kidding when they said cherry blossoms come and go really quickly. So I guess that’s it. That’s my Sakura experience. That’s all for Hanami and let’s move on with life. WEHHHHHHHHH 

So I got this Sakura snack to cheer myself up. Hahaha I thought it might be a thing but anyway it just taste like red bean mochi, so maybe I misunderstood     

So I was just sitting there when this couple passed by the only blooming cherry blossom tree, to take wedding pictures. It’s their wedding day today and I guess the Hokkaido shrine is hosting them. They all seem so busy so I guess I didn’t wanna ask the technicalities when I can just google it. 

Okay it says that Japanese can have any style of wedding they want and it does not have to match their religion, so, this one in particular, is a Shinto wedding hosted by a Shinto shrine. I observe that this is a no-host party as there was only a few well dressed people with them (their close friends and family for witness). The bride is wearing a shiromuku and the groom is wearing a montsuki.



I made a new friend while walking around too and so we took a picture together after lamenting about how the sakuras are done, I also met a bunch of Singaporeans who are too, disappointed. Oh wells, and then it was back to the house. I actually got lost trying to find my way back and I mini panicked because 1. I don’t rmb the address 2. I pinned the wrong location on the map. 3. I had to be back real soon.


Here’s my disappointed face.

Then we had a few older people who wanted to converse in English. It’s interesting talking to them because it’s win win. I get to find out more about the Japanese people such as their education system, their working hours and even into their personal matters. I guess my kaypohness came in handy or maybe it’s my psych background at work.

 And here’s dinner. 

Then over dinner, we decided that we can do karaoke and so we went. Cycled for like 25 minutes to the CBD for this.  So we got this 2 hour package that gave free unlimited drinks for 2322円 per person, after tax. So we ordered so many umeshyu 梅酒 on the rocks. It’s good stuff. Think sour plum shots, house pour style. 

 This was the third floor. Cave looking and all

Here’s aura, she’s damn cool because she knows how to sing so many Japanese songs from a wide range. I tried to call for anime songs and all but I could barely remember the song titles.. Nevertheless I managed to summon a few and then we did duets like, LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR and bohemian rhaposdy. 

Note to self: it’s important to do your homework for the song titles when going to karaoke in Japan unless you want to sing boring non-Japanese songs. 


We then went to do some grocery shopping while my head as spinning and at some point I got so dizzy I had to bend down to recover. Thank god i didn’t black out and could still manage the playing and the 25 minutes cycle back home. 

So here are some snacks and products I bought. I finally bought my moisturizer and sunblock and all. Somehow I found this alternative to hada labor and it feels pretty useful. Spot it in there. And I like how my shaver look so cutesy. 


 On a side note, I keep mistaking these for sweets or hair dye.  
Ok need to plan for tomorrow!! Here begins 4 days of golden week ☺️

I’m really liking it here.

11 thoughts on “Day 6 札幌

    1. Don’t fully submerge the eggs in boiling water, maybe about half to 3/4? Then maybe after 5 mins or so, “flip” the eggs to the other side. And when you feel like you are done boiling the eggs, probably another 3-4 minutes, take it out and you’re done. I anyhow one. 😊 it’s always works because I’m too impatient to make them hard boiled. Go figure!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAH eh I managed to recover quite fast!! All that training we had is to good use now, I guess. Miss ya! Drinking Sapporo on your behalf 😊


    1. Hahah I drank about 4 cups of umeshyu, on the rocks. I guess I drank quite fast and I was pretty dehyrdrated so maybe that’s why. Eh you will like umeshyu!!!


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