Day 5 札幌


Today, we brought the little kids out to the neighboring park and these kids are the cutest omg. I just think they are so cute and I now wanna marry a Japanese so I can have cute kids ok, ok ok, chill. Ok no.

So it was a very cute scene of me holding cute kid on each hand singing and trying to get them to not run away – they have that tendency and getting damn convinced that they are gonna be knocked down. 

 But then they do things like this that look so cute. It’s difficult not to have favorites when they look this cute. She was the first kid today and she entered the house crying when her mother left. And I managed to coax her out of crying hehe so ever since then I think we have a certain rapport going on. She kept giving me onigiris at the sandpit later and I found it so adorable!!!


Here’s my host and her dog. 🙂 


Then it was back to lunch time and I really like their bento culture. I’m so gonna be a bento girl when I start work. 


So I was examining all their food when I’m like, HEY OMU RICE.   

And so, guess what is for lunch!!!


So this is the boy I was tutoring today!


Yknow kids they look so cute in pictures but sometimes they are so difficult to handle. Shall not go into detail abou kids who act like the whole world owes damn something and gets so angsty when I just want to check their work, it was crazy. So that was what happened towards the end of the day. Impossible. And there was another kid who just keep running around and damaging stuff. And I guess that’s what I’m going to tell the interviewers from now on when they ask me about difficult children. It’s just difficult when they are being inattentive and stubborn and on top of this all, I can’t express myself in fluent Japanese which increases the difficulty. ( Angsty kids not photographed btw.)

I got to take an afternoon nap today and that made me a very happy girl. 😊 I guess it was quite demanding attending to everybody every other second. Thought this picture was quite cute and they were like, why are you taking pictures of our snack time. I like how Japanese have mats for everything, table mats, sitting mats, sleeping mats and all. Like, meticulous ah. 


 And today, I guess cause the weather is a bit colder, I had second helpings and I’m still feeling hungry. Not sure if I’m just hungry or an expression of period symptoms. Yea and so I guess I’m getting fatter but I eat like I don’t care. 

 Need to help out tomorrow again and I’m gonna miss one hanami opportunity meetup. だめね I think I’m just gonna buy my own hanami stuff and set it up on Sunday and make friends there. Wish me luck you guys. Hope they are in full bloom only on Sunday. 🌸🌸🌸

Also, I need to remind myself to get some moisturizer. I’m peeling 


10 thoughts on “Day 5 札幌

    1. Hahaha for one moment I thought you meant you babysitter at jem, like the mall! Hahaha who did y’all babysit!!! Miss you too ❤️❤️


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