Day 4 札幌

So it’s back to the kids! My housemates left today and I’m feeling very lonely is this empty house. And so, for farewell, I made my housemate breakfast for the last time – egg mayo and toast and shared some cheesecake. I also inherited curry and whiskey from my other housemates bcos he was gonna fly to Okinawa and he doesn’t want these things. 

So I cleaned the windows for two hours and it was so tiring. I’m thinking if I ever get glass windows, I must be a rich lady who can hire a helper to clean these windows. 

Lunch was yakiudon!! Quite yummy!! I’m always ramen over udon btw. I then did a google on udon and realized that there is so many different udons. Time to try them all! Ok kiddz, we will see.

My housemate left after lunch. Not too sure how he manages with two very heavy luggage with two shopping bags and a very heavy backpack. I guess that’s how traveling after staying here for 5 months is like, 

This dog is obsessed with his Taiyaki toy and I constantly have to throw it out for him to practice playing fetch and he is not bad at it, I would say. My housemate says “obsessed is an understatement”. Today he pounced on my when I was trying to settle my admin for planning, I guess I kinda neglected him when I was at that, idk if this means I’m getting over my fear of dogs.  

Then after, the cutest girl I taught came! She’s so cute! She spoke English and she introduced herself and all. She’s just the cutest and she’s also the first one-to-one girl I helped with.


Today was more independent in teaching bcos my house mates left. Guess it’s an more meaningful experience 🙂




 Hehe she’s so cute right? She gave me a hug before she left.   
And this is for dinner. I’m so tired I’m going to crash. Notice the spoon and forks. I’ve been conforming to using chopsticks these four days because Japanese love using them for everything, but I’m used to taking spoon and fork for plates and chopsticks for bowls. Hahaha now there is no reference, I kinda forgot and I only realized half way through eating, 


So tired I’m gonna crash. Also, I managed to operate the very manual washing machine and I am very happy. Goodnight xx

8 thoughts on “Day 4 札幌

    1. HAHAHA okay!! I bought this calpis bottle for 2 bucks! And there is also this calpis concentrate to mix with water. Not bad Leh everything. But good idea!


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