Day 3 札幌 (花見)

Long post ahead, just saying

Woke up early in the morning at about 6am to walk to maruyama park for the hanami meet! My housemate invited me to join him on this event and he was going to help out before the actual event at 1030 and I was like, YAY OK BRING ME! 

But turns out we got the wrong idea of the meeting place as there were two KFCs near the maruyama park but we still managed to help out somehow in the end. The event had about 120 people and it was fun talking to people from all over and practicing some Japanese. So cute, they are always impressed with my Japanese (being polite I guess) and so I always try to say まだまだ 上手です and nobody corrected me bcos it kinda means that I’m quite good -.- HOW EMBARASSING. I meant to say that I am barely good at it. 

Anyway I was really excited for this hanami thing because I have been meaning to observe this for quite some time. Maybe cause of cardcaptor Sakura? Maybe cause it’s pink. Idk. 

And then I did my research for some visuals and it looks awesome – drinking Osake under cherry blossom trees and all with nice picnic mats and all. 

 Here’s one of the prettier set ups I saw! 

Expectations vs reality.

Anyway the event did a barbecue which was quite an experience too.  We started off by chopping onions and drinking wine with potatochips at 9am in the morning. I guess it started early because we have to chope our spot.  
This is a thing in Hokkaido — Jingisukan (grilled mutton). Also known as Genkhis Khan. Despite being named after the Mongolian ruler, it is not Mongolian but very much japanese. The dome shape thing is apparently meant to represent that the soldier’s helmet which they used to cook their food? Anyway it’s really yummy because it’s not as dry as the Yakiniku and it doesn’t get burnt very fast. The jingisukan sauce is sweet and I like it. 

Quite impressed with how they are able to do yakisoba on the grill too! I note that they add onions to everything. I’m starting to think that I might be Japanese bcos I can eat onions with everything too. Ok not logical, yes moving on. 

I managed to get a few photos from the others . Reminds me of the pancake party situation. Endless food and people from everywhere and anywhere. 


I’ve learnt that if you introduce yourself with ともします, it is more polite and so I’m going to make it a point to do so. 

So while practicing my Japanese, I got free beer bcos I prefer beer to wine and this is my first Sapporo beer in Sapporo. Can’t wait to check out the beer museum bcos Sapporo beer is my favorite beer, together with erdinger. 


This girl I met told us that white sakuras are only found in Hokkaido so I excitedly took the picture despite wanting to have all the trees turn pink and cutesy. I looked it up – the different species of sakuras, and I guess this is called Oyamazakuras which is mostly the sakuras in Hokkaido. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to tell people my family does flowers when I can barely name flowers. Need to gamabatte here.


I guess blogging gives me a valid reason to take photos. Well, I was really distracted despite awkward looking face. 


So we went to check out the Hokkaido shrine in the middle of the temple and this is the walkway always shown I pictures. Can’t wait for the full bloom (mankai). And met these cute bunch of kimono girls who offered to take a picture with me because I said their kimonos are so cute!! Hehe and she was like, そ思います。


Hahaha I need my own kimono. Need to fit in.


So the shrine sells lots of charms and zodiac souvenirs. My friend bought a tiger just because it looks sad. 

I decided to get omikuji there too! There are two kinds of omikuji. One is for 100 yen and one is for 200 yen! The more expensive one comes with a little gold pendant to bless you with a specific happiness! Mine is a bear paw
Since mine was quite okay I thought I didn’t have to tie it there.apparently people tie it there if it is bad to change my fortune. The cute thing about my omikuji is that it says the exact same thing from the one I got in Singapore. Cool?  

Randomly took this picture and everybody agrees that she kinda Looks like my sensei hehe.


For other stuff going on, there is a temple fair! Selling all the different food specialties from all over Japan! Includes some games and all. Exciting stuff. Regret not getting the soft serve ice cream. Can’t wait to get my seven layered one from Otaru. 
  Okay and then we were so tired. Since my housemates were gonna leave tomorrow and he wanted to check out the mount Moiwa before leaving, so we headed there! We had to take the street car which is the principal transport system before the subway. This costs 170円 per ride. 

We then proceeded to take the rope way because it was really cold and we were very tired. Honestly, I don’t really take these rope cars as it is #1 expensive #2 I always enjoy the climb for the view because it’s more meaningful that way, somehow. Anyway it is 1700円 for a round trip for the rope way and the Morris car. Apparently the Morris car is the first of its kind. 

Anyway, this place is for lovers and people lock their locks on this lover satellite thing. So, you have to buy their lock to lock your names there. I guess that’s why it looks so neat. It’s interesting if you compare thIs to its counterpart: lover bridges, which usually allows for individuality. 

There is also this bell to ring at the Satellite of Lover’s Santuary. I guess it blesses the couple if they ring it together. But most couples let the girl ring it alone while the guy takes photo of the girl ringing it… Like this

Here the mascot for this place to make money, there is a whole collection of souvenirs of this little guy and I was very amused with the whole thing. Mount Faber needs to step up their game manz.

After that we were starving because the last thing we ate was in the early afternoon at the hanami. And so since he has been telling me about the Singapore bar. We decided to go. And yes, that’s my first paid meal in Sapporo. 

For some reason, they have a very warped impression of Singapore, as always. This place looks nothing like China nor Singapore. It looks like an awkward red light district… Thus all the red hues that I can’t seem to get rid of. 

We were quickly greeted he waitress. However, I couldn’t decide on what to eat bcos the whole menu is in Japanese and I honestly don’t crave Singaporean food, I rarely do I guess. But anyway, they do have an English menu so just ask. I was trying to figure out the jap with the little of ability. So anyway, they figured out I was Singaporean and the only person closest to Singapore was a chef from Indonesia… 

We then decided on chicken rice and bakuteh – top recommendations on the menu. Quite okay I guess. It’s quite yummy if you don’t relate it back Singapore but it doesn’t recreate nor is it revolutionary. 


 I was quite amused by the toilet too. Chew on it comics, check it out. 
Ok it was a really tiring day. We got back at almost midnight. And so this is a backdated entry and I’m so tired. It was a public holiday honoring some king. I don’t really get their holidays. Next week will be the golden week and people don’t really celebrate them, except for children’s day. Yay I’m excited to see the fish socks flying around.

HAHAHA retarded but very telling of the situation though I was the one falling asleep from time to time. 18 hours of non stop walking ok.  


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