Day 2 札幌

おはいよ皆さん! So we get to sleep in every Tuesday and breakfast is a DIY thing. I’m glad to have my eggs and matcha. I think I can survive with these things forever! And as the new lingo goes, #budgetgoals. Still don’t get it. 

And Tuesday’s are probably the only day we get to go the kindergarten.  

These kids are so adorable 😍       

And we had bento for lunch! This is  one of their bentos. So cute. Suddenly I want to be a Japanese housewife (主婦) and make cute bentos for my kid. Won’t that be great 😁  You see, they bother to make the food happy for the kids


I like this kid and her bunny. りおちゃんです。


 This is what happens when you grow up. No cute bento. This bento is about 999kCal and it is not yummy.  

I also like how they set up their lunch with table mats and all. Hehe hi my fellow hello kitty fans.

And so the day ended early and I was at a lost at what to do. And so my fellow housemate decided to teach me some Vietnamese. He taught me the different alphabets and its pronunciation. Guess that will be relevant for next year 😀 Dude doesn’t want to be photographed. This guy has many cool little things from all around the world from his key chains, water bottle to his cigarettes and sweets. Kinda inspired to do the same to have these exclusive souvenirs for keepsake.


Japanese people are indeed very particular about recycling and saving energy. They divide their rubbish in their own homes. My host says that because of the Fukushima incident, they strive to save 30% of the energy they use. It’s interesting. Today, I found out that the basin to wash my hands is on the toilet tank which is the water they will be using for flushing (I’ve been washing my hands in the kitchen prior to this). 
There is a lot to learn about their daily appliances. Like, the washing machine is manual and we have to transfer clothes and press some buttons between the phases of washing, rinsing and spinning. Guess the other stuff aren’t as difficult to figure out – stove, microwave and heater. Still ok.

In other news, guess who mastered the kendama

2 thoughts on “Day 2 札幌

  1. Hihi so mafan to leave a comment HAHA! Omw to work now hehe 😁 the kids so cute!!!! You make me wna do this also omg 😑 and yes rmb #budgetgoals v proud of you heh heh


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