Day One だいいち

Super exhausted and I just want to crash but shall write a quick update to keep the momentum going.

So glad I managed to figure out the metro to get to my host’s place. This reminds me of the time in Korea when I went to look for my cousin! 

Here’s the ticket from New Chitrose to Shin-Sapporo! 


Was feeling very thankful being on the train that this is finally happening. The chairs on the train are pretty cool because you can adjust the direction you’re facing. So imagine a group of 4 can sit together facing each other, or not.

Took the subway and I initially bought the wrong ticket, thinking that the day pass will be more worth it. Quite embarrassing at the gantry to realize that 月曜日 is Monday and not Sunday. Guess my sleep deprivation on the way there is making me all muddle headed.

Here are the brochures for this school I’m volunteering at. Basically it says all instructors are foreigners. Yay us. (Update: decided to take down the broshures in case these kids get kidnapped)

Here’s my first meal!

And my other housemates! I love that bottle of mayonnaise. I’m eating everything with mayo now. 


Here’s my name in viet!   

So basically I have to teach these children English! Well, mainly just play with them and sing songs! These kids are super energetic omg. But adorable. But crazy. Crazy might be an understatement. We played duck and goose towards the end and it is apparently their favorite game. Sometimes I forget how it was like being a kid. Some visuals.

 1. Workbooks or draw  
2. Play twister.


3. Play educational games on the computer.


Ok gna crash now


Updates for the sleeping arrangement. So I get my own room bcos split gender. It’s funny because we have difficulty differentiate the futons from the blankets and it is possible that I’m using blankets as my mattress right here. Then we have to keep the mattresses everyday except today (but no one told me so I kept it) and if it’s a holiday. 

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