Hello world!

Hi there,
So I’ve decided to start a travelogue for my upcoming Japan trip and I’m really excited. I love the Japanese culture since I was a kid. I have been learning Japanese just so I can communicate with the locals -It is not yet stellar, but I hope it is enough to get me through!
A bit on this platform. Still not too sure what to name it. Pipikkis sounds cute right, pipi is like a nickname since JC and somehow it’s stuck on. People give you nicknames and you just take right. Ki is like, kinda japanese. I guess it really just means Penny Travelogue. Pipi Ryukoki and I guess Pipikki for short. I’m thinking of Pipixravels too.
And about me. I’ve just graduated and I have done a fair bit of travelling doing exchange, internships, summer school, grad trips and crashing other people’s exchange. I have been to both Europe and America twice, Korea, Bangkok and China.
First up for this trip. Cherry Blossoms.
I thought it is not going to happen this year but I found out that Hokkaido has these bloom later this month and I guess it is going to happen now 😀 I’m excited. Hanami, here we go.

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